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In the first stages of a task when you are simply beginning to think about items, can you at any time discover yourself thinking, “Hmm, I think a good slice of rotten maple will be simply about right”?

In case you are a wood hardener, or maybe any woodworker who is keen on checking out the visually exotic, you may. You would be contemplating the special figures as well as patterns which happen just found “spalted” wood. Extremely prized for the outstanding colors of its & patterns, spalted wood is easily available which enable it to make results that are stunning, particularly when it’s turned on a lathe.

Is spalted wood actually rotten? Not really, but it is on the way of its. Spalting occurs in a beginning stage of the decay procedure, when different colonies of fungi stake the statements of theirs to a slice of fallen wood.

The distinctive blue black lines which run through spalted wood really represent the lines of demarcation between incompatible colonies of micro organisms. However the precise biological specifics are not what interest most woodworkers in spalted wood, it is the point that nothing different seems rather like it.

Lots of hardwoods spalt, but maple is probably the most typical type utilized in woodworking tasks. A good way to get the hands of yours on several – clearly – is actually going on a field trip to a wooded area in which spalting species develop as well as collect your own naturally occurring specimens.

You are able to additionally provide Mother Nature a hand & “spalt the own” of yours. In either case, it helps you to have a bit of history info. Thankfully, there is no lack of info on spalted wood, the way to work with it, and the way to make it. Listed here are 2 outstanding resources:

In the event you do not happen to use a hardwood forest available, you will be thankful to hear this developing your own personal spalted wood is not a tough procedure. Read “Intentional Spalting” from the Woodweb Knowledge Base for excellent discussion of different techniques for encouraging as well as managing the spalting process.

“Producing Spalted Wood”, released by the Forest Service’s Forest Products Laboratory and offered at the site of theirs, provides an excellent introduction and also has much more specialized info on the kinds of fungus active in the progression.

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