Wig cleaning and maintenance guide

After the wig is used, the cleaning and maintenance work cannot be saved. Correct or proper maintenance methods can extend the life of the wig. So, how to clean and maintain the wig? Is the cleaning method for real hair wigs the same?

First of all, after taking the wig home, put the fake on the dummy head or the jar as much as possible. Don’t put it freely, otherwise it will be easily deformed. The frequency of cleaning depends on the temperature, air quality and personal perspiration. If the weather is hot, you must wash it after two or three days.

Usually the wig is cleaned with a conditioner. If the wig is dirty, it can also be washed with shampoo, and it should not be blown with too hot wind to prevent the wig from burning and deforming.


When cleaning, firstly, soak the fake in a washbasin with a small amount of shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes, then gently rinse it, and comb the dirt stuck on the wig with a comb with a thin comb, and avoid twisting. After washing, pat the water drops with a dry towel, then comb with a comb to the original hair style, dry in a cool place, avoid exposure and use a hair dryer to dry. The real hair growing on the scalp can get the nutrient supply of the human body, while the long wigs has no nutrient supply. To protect the normal luster of the wig, a little hair oil can be rubbed on the wig after each grooming. When the wig is not used for a long time, it should be placed in the box or the model head with a plastic sleeve after washing. It can maintain the original hair style and avoid the invasion of dust and bacteria. Do not fold or clip it in the clothes.

Real hair wig cleaning and maintenance

First, put the shampoo in the water, then immerse the wig (warm and hot water), then put a small amount of hair conditioner into the water, immerse the wig in about three minutes, and then wipe the water with a towel. Hang it in the shade of the banquet and put it in a box. You can also comb the hair along the original hairstyle and put it on the plastic frame.

When washing artificially, you should pay attention to not being able to wash with a dressing machine. Warm water and hot water are not available for hand washing. It must be washed with cold water. The steps are the same as those for real hair. After using a towel to absorb the water, comb it with a comb and dry it (do not comb it with a comb during the washing process). Do not expose it to sunlight. This type of wig is shaped by high temperature treatment. Will be deformed, so keep away from heat sources (like air conditioners, heating, hair dryers, etc.). Wigs are also part of a beautiful look, and you need to be clean at all times. Wearing a dirty, greasy wig is not a fashion pioneer, it will affect the overall image.