4 secrets to wearing a wig

I don’t want to have a haircut that doesn’t change, and I don’t want to cut hair. This time, the wig will become the best helper for your changing shape. But do you know about the four secrets of wearing a wig?

1. A little more pruning is more beautiful

When you wear the wig, there is actually a job that can help you beautifully. Each person’s face and style are different. You can trim the wig according to your face style. Further trimming will make the wig fit more with yourself and create your own wig.

2. Careful machine before wearing a wig

Although the role of wigs to modify the face is very powerful, you can make a fuss when you make up your hair. The face is rounder, and the hair can be concentrated in the middle of the top of the head. When the face is long, it is symmetrically fixed on both sides, so that after wearing the wig, there will be an unexpected modification effect.

4 secrets to wearing a wig

wearing a wig

3. Hair accessories + wigs are more beautiful

Wearing fake Liu Haier worried about wearing? In fact, there is a beautiful prop that can help you solve it. Wearing a beautiful headband at the wig joint can cleverly cover the dividing line and bring out a fresh temperament.

4. The best position for wigs to wear

If it is wide and the court is long, wear the wig edge slightly downwards, with a certain amount of hair curtain to set off; if the narrow amount, the upper court is shorter, the edge of the wig can be slightly upward, but should not be too Up, should leave a small amount of curtains to set off.

The secret of wearing a wig

Many patients with alopecia, such as early baldness, alopecia after burns, scarring alopecia caused by jaundice, extensive alopecia areata or total baldness, often seriously affect the beauty, especially female patients will cause great psychological trauma. The easiest way is to use a wig to cover up the defects and get mental comfort and psychological satisfaction.

There are two types of wigs, one is made of real hair style and the other is made of chemical fiber. There are three ways to make a wig, namely machine weaving, semi-hand weaving, and full hand weaving.

The secret of wearing a wig

Wearing wigs, you can choose a variety of different styles according to your preferences, such as youth, wave, freestyle. After wearing the wig, always comb it, comb the wig to be light and prevent the wig from falling off. It is best to comb it once a day. When washing the wig, first comb the hair and then wash it. While washing and combing, do not use your hands to smash, or immerse the hood in the water to prevent the wig from being messed up. Wigs should not be washed more, usually half a month to January.

Wear a wig, pay attention to the color of the wig, try to match your age and the original hair. In addition, it is necessary to pay off the wig before going to bed, or make a wig hood, so that only the hood can be replaced, which is both hygienic and prolongs the service life of the wig.