Three major mistakes in scalp care

Don’t think that you don’t need to care for your scalp when you care for your hair, because the health of your scalp affects the health of our hair all the time. Therefore, the scalp is very important. What should we do when the scalp has dry itch and dandruff?

Myth #1: As long as a bottle of multi-function shampoo can solve all scalp problems.

In fact, different scalp problems can only be solved by selecting a variety of targeted professional care products. Different professional products are needed for different scalp problems, otherwise it will not only solve the problem, but even counterproductive. Since the scalp structure and the skin structure are exactly the same, all the problems that the skin will produce will occur quietly, such as oil, dandruff, hair loss, sensitivity, and aging.

Healthy hair

We know that when there are several problems at the same time, we will not only choose a single solution, but will choose a variety of targeted care products to remove the problem from the root cause. This should also be the case for scalp care. Only by selecting targeted professional care products and solving the problem source can we really restore the scalp to a healthy state.

Three major mistakes in scalp care

Myth 2: You can also choose scalp care products according to different symptoms. Why do you need professional diagnosis?

You can usually only see the appearance of the problem and cannot accurately determine the source of the problem.

Professional hair stylist through professional scalp diagnosis

Solving the scalp problem is like seeing a doctor for medical treatment. Only the right medicine can be used to get rid of the disease. In the case of dandruff alone, it may be caused by bacteria, and if the type of scalp is different, it will also produce oily dandruff and dry dandruff. In addition, if you find that the whole head has a small piece of dandruff immediately after shampooing, it may be caused by sensitive desquamation.

It can be seen that the scalp problem is very complicated. In the hair salon recommended by you in Paris, the professional hair stylist thoroughly diagnoses the cause through the professional scalp diagnostic equipment, accurately finds the cause, solves the problem, and fundamentally solves the scalp problem.

Myth 3: A scalp care can solve the scalp problem immediately.

In fact, like skin, scalp care should be a gradual, perpetual process.

Effectively acts on the scalp to solve deep problems

As a professional scalp care product, safety is the first element, and it must be effective on the scalp to solve deep problems. As a professional and safe scalp care product, Paris Cards not only gently acts on the surface of the scalp, but also improves the appearance of the problem. At the same time, its active ingredients can completely penetrate into the scalp, gradually solve the scalp problem, so that the scalp reveals healthy radiance from the inside.

Nowadays, many scalp care products that claim to be “one-time effective” are mostly at the expense of scalp health. The active ingredients are too irritating to the scalp, which not only can not effectively solve the fundamental problem, but deeply hurt the health of the scalp.