Autumn and winter popular hairstyle

Stepping into October, many people’s circle of friends has been insufficiently brushed in 2016, which means that autumn and winter have officially arrived. The clothes or skin care products of the girls have changed seasons. If you want a new image, you can also have a new hairstyle. Come and see the popular hairstyles for autumn and winter.

Whether it’s short hair, medium hair or long hair, there are popular styles in autumn and winter, so no matter how long your hair is, you can find the latest hair style that suits you. So take a look at these popular autumn and winter 2016 styles. Let’s go.

Autumn and winter popular hairstyle

Style 1

The long hair meeting is the choice of many sisters in autumn and winter. It may be that they like this length. It may also be short hair cut in summer. It is just a long hair style in autumn and winter. The side design and perm make the long hair become more temperament, and then a gradient color dyes hair to enhance the fashion, the whole person is not to be beautiful.

Style 2

The girl who likes short hair can refer to this slanted bangs buckle wave head shape, bangs do unilateral angel wings treatment, sweet and temperament, hair tail buckle makes the hair tail look more textured, OL or students use this shape properly Hey.

Autumn and winter popular hairstyle

Style 3

The long-haired girl can consider this pear head shape, the hair-tail trimming and the inner buckle design look more abundant hair, plus the linen dyed hair is fashionable and white, low-key and stylish.

Style 4

When the eyebrows cover the forehead and face-lifting, they show a different personality charm. The hair-blowing treatment increases the amount of hair visually, and at the same time makes the shape more fashionable, making the short hair more interesting.

Autumn and winter popular hairstyle

Style 5

The curved slanting bangs can make a good-looking face on both sides of the hair, and the brown hair makes the girl’s complexion white, looks more spiritual, and the whole person becomes better.

Style 6

The lob hair tail is made of a large wavy inner buckle design to make the shape fluffy. It looks very rich in volume and makes the face relatively small. The oblique bangs shortens the length of the face and the overall contour becomes better.

Autumn and winter popular hairstyle

Style 7

The slightly hot slanted bangs are more mature with short curly hair on both sides, and the brown hair looks more sexy. The front curls are in sharp contrast to the natural straight hairs behind, and the look is fresher.

Style 8

The sense of air inside the buckle bangs with fluffy short hair looks very individual, the short hair is not only cool, but also makes the shape change layered to add fashion.

Autumn and winter popular hairstyle

Style 9

Multi-gradient trimming short hair and perm hair tail is very individual, exudes neutral charm, plus the trend of gray-brown hair dyeing, fashionable and not wanting, the overall shape is simple and neat, the favorite girl may wish to give it a try.