How to care for wavy curls

In the new year, when the curls are the hottest, many girls are hot and curly, which is very foreign, but how can the curls look natural and roll?

How to care for wavy curls.

Usually wake up in the morning and clean it once for easy care.

wavy curls

Methods as below:

After getting up in the morning, you must wash your hair first, then use the hair dryer to dry your hair to 40% or 50%.

After washing the head, you can also use a water-absorbent towel to wipe it, wipe it to 50% dry, then use gel water in your hand and slowly apply it to your hair.

The gel water should be evenly coated, then let the hair dry naturally and dry. After the hair is dry, it will appear clean and natural fluffy, very bright.

How to care for wavy curls

Long wigs care

First of all, when your hair grows to a certain length, your hair will be weaker, so we need to take care of your hair from the outside. In addition to the conditioner that can be done after washing your hair, you can regularly make hair mask or nutrient oil for your hair. It is recommended that you buy your own nutrient oil and then go to the barber shop. This is better.

Curls can’t be combed

For curly hair, when the hair is hot, the hairdresser will tell you not to comb your hair often, otherwise the flowers will not last long. In fact, we can use a wide comb to comb the hair, especially after the hair is combed, and then the hair is combed, the hair falling in the hair will be cleaned up, otherwise it will often be Sexually getting a bunch of hair drops on the house and clothes, and it will make the hair knot and not smooth for a long time.
How to apply conditioner

For curly hair, it hurts hair when it is hot. The hair conditioner we usually need, besides washing the hair, can choose a conditioner that is not greasy, and can be directly treated on dry hair. . When you don’t wash your hair, you can also apply evenly on the hair ends to care for the hair. It also gives the hair elasticity and longer curls.

Four or six-point straight hair style

What kind of hairstyle is suitable for non-mainstream girls? Non-mainstream girls are not understood by the elders. In order to show the prostitute’s side, they don’t dare to change much in hair style, but how can they show their personality? A wig is a good choice. What kind of wig is the non-mainstream beauty suitable for? The following five are very worthy of your possession.

hair style

Non-mainstream hair style experience in hair dyeing, a single low-key hair color is generally not able to meet the requirements of non-mainstream girls, this linen color hair is a relatively low-key lady, can be combined with green wigs in the hair, this Simple and beautiful, very personal.

Jellyfish hair style is the favorite of non-mainstream girls. This jellyfish style is not particularly obvious. The flush bangs are slightly irregular. The hair on both sides of the chin only draws the delicate face of the melon seeds. The hair on both sides is highlighted by red, which is very visually impactful.

Four or six-point straight hair style

This long hair pear head designed by Liu Hai is a long hair style with a ladylike style. The straight hair of Liu Hai is cute and cute. The gradient from light purple to purple is also the most popular this year. The hair is made of light wave perm. Handling, very long hair style with Princess Fan.

I believe that many non-mainstream girls like this hairstyle very much. The perm design of the bangs has an outwardly flipping arc. The long hair hairs hanging on both sides are treated with spiral perm, and the hair color is bright red in the bangs hair tip position. Just like a peach tip makes your eyes shine.

Non-mainstream girls want to show their natural personality very well. Hair dyeing is an important way to show their ostentation. The upper part of this non-mainstream hair style uses green and gray hair dye, and the purple color is dyed on the lower layer. With sunglasses, it has a sexy red lip makeup.