Korean style egg roll wig

Korean style egg roll head is beautiful and fresh, it is a hairstyle that many dream girls like. But hot a romantic egg roll head is afraid that the actual effect is not as good as imagined? This time the wig can help you solve this problem. Below, Amy Xiaobian introduces several Korean egg-neck wigs to let you interpret the beautiful Barbie doll.

Brown egg roll wig

The temperament of the goose egg face, melon face girl is more suitable for this egg roll wig. Long curly hair stretches your cheeks, and the side is long and bangs, while not forgetting to show your good face, very temperament.

Maroon egg roll wig

The thick and full oblique bangs swayed down the eyebrows, highlighting the sleek eyes. The romantic swinging egg roll has a long, fragrant scent, lovely and charming.

egg roll wig

Dark brown egg roll wig


Edit Comment: Long curly hair is the most elegant and charming. And now with a wig bangs, whether it is a natural oblique bangs, or a hot bangs, you can mix with your heart without worrying about damaging your hair.