Brown hair color is preferred

As soon as I arrived in the autumn and winter, I had the urge to dye my brown hair. The reason why I didn’t make up my mind immediately was because I was entangled for a long time when I chose hair color. I was worried that the chosen color would not look good and my mood would not be good. So here I recommend safe and versatile fashion hair color to everyone, just pick it up.

Brown hair

2018 autumn and winter popular hair color

The sister paper that knows the fashion hairstyle is sure to be especially fond of the brown color in the hair color. Yes, brown hair color is one of the popular hair color every year. It is a classic timeless hair color. It can be said that it is all year round. Suitable, especially in the annual winter festival is more popular, brown hair color is the preferred color in the dye color of many sisters, then, what color is brown? Let’s take a look at it.
Apricot brown

Apricot brown

The apricot brown in the brown hair color is a skin-white hair color. It is also the color pursued by many Korean ladies. The apricot brown will be brighter and more fashionable in the light.

Chestnut brown

The brown color of the brown hair color is also a very popular hair color every year. Although it is low-key, it is very stained, and the yellow skin sister paper is also suitable for dyeing. It shows white skin, enhances temperament and gives a touch of faintness. Romantic and elegant feeling.

Golden brown

The golden brown in the brown hair color can directly see that the color is golden. The golden brown is very popular among young girls. It can show the youthful vitality. The golden brown hair color is very beautiful, but this gold is not It is recommended to dye too yellow, it will be too abrupt.

Honey tea

Honey tea in brown hair color is more understated than gold brown, but it is also white skin color, but the color combines gold, brown and red. These three colors add a color and look very comfortable. Sweet and full of flavor.
Tan brown

Tan brown 2

The brown color of the brown hair color is very popular. It is a hair color between light brown and cold brown. The color is like the feeling of sandalwood comb. The texture of the hair is hot and the texture is not obvious. Hair color!
Cold brown

Cold brown 1

Want to be less than Zhang Yang, low-key and stylish, and temperament hair color, cold brown must be the first choice in hair color, especially suitable for women in the workplace!

Light Brown

The light brown hair color will be a little brighter, but it can be seen that it is just a good yellow, but it is too glaring, not too dark, classic low-key temperament hair color.

Brown hair color is preferred

Bitter flax


Just look at the color of bitter linen, it is very fashionable, very temperament, but it is more suitable for skin white people, but the skin of the dark yellow sister can not afford this color, so you can not try it!


The blue-brown color belongs to the brown cool color, which is lighter than the bitter linen. The beauty is like the filter effect. The white-skinned sister paper can be well controlled, and the skin is red and shiny!

Gray tea brown

Gray tea brown hair color has a slight red, and gray brown, its texture is super high, revealing a sense of guilt, in the autumn and winter season is very interesting.