How to bring a wig to look good naturally

Guide: Many people choose wigs to stop the hair from being burnt and dyed. The variety of wigs can make the style change, and it is fashionable and bring a wig attractive. But how can the wigs be more natural and beautiful? Is it different?

Wigs can not only change the style and temperament at will, but also avoid the damage caused by hot dyeing, but do you know the correct way to wear wigs? Therefore, it is very important to wear styles in addition to the purchase of wigs.

How to bring a wig?

bring a wig

One of the most important tools for wearing a wig is the cooperation of the hair net. Generally, the hair net is given at the same time as the wig, so the trouble of buying the net is saved, and the combination of the wig and the hair net is more professional and suitable. defect.

How to bring a wig to look good naturally

Wig wearing step 01 “” “”” first straighten the hair straight, and then open the tubular hair net with the double head open, and the end with the rubber band facing down.

Wig wear step 02 “” “”” will open the net and then gently put it into the neck from the top of the head, and then slowly pull up to the bring a wig hairline, must wrap the hairline, can not be exposed!

The wig wears step 03″””” and then puts all the hair in the hair net, which can be fixed with a disposable rubber band or a small steel clip, and the hair tail is preferably fixed with a clip. After fixing, you can gently adjust the hair inside the hair net and evenly open it.

Wig wearing step 04 “” “”” after adjustment, both hands pick up the wig from the back to take it, you need to adjust the position of the wig, and the wig will basically have an adjustment buckle, use the adjustment buckle to clamp the hair net can Fixing the wig more evenly will not cause it to loosen at will, causing embarrassment.

After wearing the wig wearing step 05 “” “”, you must use your fingers to adjust the position of the wig hairline, do not easily reveal the bring a wig hairline. Then use the comb to simply take care of the wig, and you must gently comb it, otherwise it will be easy to tear.

The wig can be properly worn in five easy and simple steps, and it is not difficult to change the shape. However, there are also many crushes that say how to wear and have no model-like effect. In fact, you need to practice more skills to wear the wig to the most natural.