Pear flower head wig hairstyle

Should you have a short hair with a shoulder and a hot pear head? Of course, the short hair length of the shoulder is the best hair length for the short hairpin head. Today, Xiaobian brings 5 ​​new pear head wig hairstyles. The short shoulder hairs can be used for reference. Exquisite pear head hair style, let the girls with short shoulders have the most fashionable sweet pear hair type.

The face of the goose egg face looks a bit sleek, so comb the shoulder-pinned pear flower hair style. On the basis of the shoulder-length air bangs short straight hair, only the hair tail is ironed into the inner buckle curl, so that it is inward at the chin position. Curly, this year’s popular simple pear hair short hair, played down the roundness of the goose egg face girl, looks good and temperament.

wig hairstyle

Pear flower head wig hairstyle

And the long-faced girl who combed the shoulders, combing this short hair of the sacred bangs in this year, the layered hair curls inside the ear, scattered from the bottom of the ear on the shoulder, surrounded by a long face, sweet and pink The visual sense of the face comes out, and the sweetness is more elegant and lightly feminine.

The face of the girl with the face of the pear is not the bangs. This shoulder wig has no short hair with a bangs and a short hair. Perfectly combined with the sweet and stylish pear head, it is full of youthful beauty and beauty.

This oblique bangs over-shoulder straight hair with a short wig in the head of the pear head, the lines are beautiful and smooth, reflecting the sweetness of the pear head, while exuding the straight hair and moving beautiful, the long and narrow bangs will completely cover the high forehead, the face is shaped A sweet little face, a stylish and fresh beauty.

The slanting bangs shoulders the Pear Head wig, which makes the goose egg face girl a beautiful and beautiful girl. The simple and smart pear head hair is one of the popular pear flower hair styles this year. The girls with shoulders can try to kneel down. Especially young girls.