How to wear a cosplay wig

How to wear a cosplay wig

1. First, clean up the hair that you have wrapped, and fix it with a clip.

2. Bring the wigs (party wigs) from the order of the arrival, first use the forehead to hold the front end of the wig, then pull the wig back with both hands to cover all your hair.

3, finishing the broken hair. Check it and put the broken hair that is exposed outside.

4, comb the wig. Adjust the wigs back and forth, especially the ear position, and then comb it with a comb.

5, disrupt the hairstyle. Spray the hair gel and scratch your hair with your hands. It looks more natural.

Hair removal

Put your hair away and improve your head shape. Girls with short hair can jump directly to the next step:

1. Divide the hair into four zones, respectively, with a rubber band tied to the flat head of the head, and then fix the four bundles of hair against the scalp in a clockwise rotation with a small black clip, which can improve the originally flat head. The type becomes a convex type; (of course, there are many different ways of receiving hair, only this one is introduced here)

2, to hide the head of the small black clip in the hair, to avoid hooking to the hair net of the wig;

3, then spray a little shaping water to make a circle of hair around the hairline;

Products & Tools: Rubber Band, Small Black Clip

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Wrap the real hair in the hair net to make the wig more head-shaped. Key points: Wear it from the front to the front, wear it in front and then pull it back slowly, so as to ensure that no broken hair remains below the hairline. Hold the two sleeves of the hair sleeves in both hands. When you start wearing them on the head, you should take a little bit forward. When you have worn the mirror, hold the head with both hands and move the sleeve back to the right position. until.