hair Perm and hair dye damage to the human body

Everyone in daily life will have a beautiful heart and need a good looking appearance. Hair is essential. It is also essential to talk about hair dyeing and hair dyeing. So today, let’s talk about the harm of perm to the human body, and avoid the hot dyeing and causing harm to the human body. Generally, the hot dyed hair spray that we go to the barber shop is alkaline and has an oxidizing effect. These ingredients will cause the loss of nutrients in our hair, destroying the protective film in the hair, but causing the hair to open. Fork, dull, and yellow, causing damage to the hair.

hair Perm

Some people get allergic to skin after hot dyeing. Skin allergies are also the most common adverse reactions caused by perming or dyeing. Some people may feel that there is no reaction after they have been dyed twice. They feel that their skin is not allergic to hot dyeing. In fact, it is not the case, often dyed hair or perm will trigger their sensitive source, so the chance of allergies will be greatly improved.

hair Perm and hair dye damage to the human body

Some people will have obvious signs of dislocation after perming. In fact, this is because of the adverse reactions of hair dyes and perm lotion. These things will cause our scalp hair follicles to shrink, and more serious scalp inflammation, so some people after perming Hair loss occurs, they are caused by them.

Hair dyes and perm lotions are all chemical substances, and they are also irritating. If you like to love beauty, you want to do a trendy hair style, and you don’t feel allergic to perm or hair dye. Wrong is wrong. Smell a lot of these flavors during perm or dyeing, and it will have great hidden dangers to our health.