Five strokes make the long wigs supple

The gloss of the hair is highly dependent on the action of thyroxine in the body. However, when a woman is 30 years old, her body’s ability to secrete thyroxine is reduced. The iodine in seaweed foods is extremely rich, and this element is the main raw material for the synthesis of thyroxine in the body. Therefore, eating seaweed foods often has special effects on hair growth, moisturization and blackening.

Lack of vitamins can also cause hair to be dull. For example, vitamin B has the effect of promoting hair growth and giving the hair a natural luster, and vitamin C can activate the microvascular wall so that the hair can smoothly absorb the nutrients in the blood. Therefore, eating more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, such as spinach, leeks, celery, mango, bananas, etc., can not only beautify the skin, but also have a multiplier effect on the hair to restore health and shine.

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Regular consumption of bean curd and other soy products can not only increase the gloss, elasticity and other effects of the head 0:35 2010/4/27, but also prevent bifurcation or breakage. For women around the age of 30, eating more soy products and drinking more soy milk can not only promote the metabolism of brain nerve cells, but also prevent the generation of white hair.

Five strokes make the long wigs supple

Today’s women can generally choose the shampoo and conditioner that suits their hair, but they are often used to washing with hot water, which is considered to be very clean. According to hair care authoritative experts, cold water shampoo does not damage the hair’s absorption of bright hair nutrients. Therefore, women who love beauty should abandon the traditional shampooing method and change to cold water shampoo to close the epidermal cells by the action of cold water, so as to better reflect light and increase the brightness of the hair.

Many dry hairs have no luster, except for lack of moisture. Deeply nourishing the hair once a week is a good way to enhance the shine of your hair. After shampooing, apply the essence from the hair root to the tail of the hair, and repeat it 3 times until the essence is absorbed. After one month of persistence, the dry state of the hair will be reduced and the gloss will naturally increase.