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Social media auditing refers to the processes of evaluating the health and the position of a business in the market. Social media auditing plays a significant role since it confirms whether your social networks are meeting the business needs, such as customer leads and generating new opportunities. Auditing your media business is very critical to your finances because it will highlight the platforms you are spending a lot of money yet yielding nothing.


Every company has a specific mode of generating customers. However, most companies lose a lot of money in social media marketing because they did not choose the perfect audit service. It is essential to select a professional company such as NetbaseQuid to advise on what audit services suitable for your brand.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a potent tool in conducting social media audits because it touches on all aspects affecting the market. A professional company will review your network based on SWOT analysis factors. For example, to identify the weaknesses in your brand, you will require this type of service because it will dig deep on social media insights to identify the causes. SWOT analysis will help understand the primary drawbacks, such as the inability to scale the social media campaigns, which lead to low returns on investments. In the case of strengths, it identifies the areas the brands are doing well in the social market.

However, the strengths differ for every company; for instance, a company may focus on developing a community to create awareness while another firm may focus on market penetration. All these entities have one objective, that is, to maximize returns and market influence. NetbaseQuid provides SWOT Analysis services to determine the weaknesses and strengths in your brand before assessing potential opportunities that you are not leveraging. Additionally, the company, through this SWOT Analysis service, will establish probable threats such as competitors that might hinder market penetration.

Audience analysis

Audience analysis is a very critical service in social media auditing because it is the determining factor to show whether your business has penetrated the market. Most importantly, you have to connect with the right audience to increase brand awareness. Audience analysis is a perfect tool to perform social media audits for every company since it explores every part of your customer engagement activities to determine the health of your brand. To assess the level of customer engagement, a company performing the audit will analyze the interests and demographics of the targeted audience. NetbaseQuid will use audience analysis to gather customer insights to help your brand improve substantively.

Competitor analysis

Competitor audit helps measure the progress of your rivals to determine the health of your brand in the social network. A professional company will use competitive analysis to determine your brand’s rivals and how effective its social network strategy is. Competitor audit service plays a significant role in a brand because it will identify gaps in your social network strategy. Through this process, the company will fill the void with an effective system hence tapping more opportunities in the social network.


The costs of social media audit are varied since it depends on the needs of the brand seeking the audit. It also depends on the amount of money you intend to use on social media marketing. Moreover, the costs should be relative, and they should not mess the returns on investment. The time frame for a social network audit is not defined because it depends on the size of the company or brand to be audited. However, most professional companies take between 14 days to 21 days to complete the audit.

A social network audit is essential for the success of a company. Additionally, it is significant to identify the audit service that suits your brand.

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