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“An person plays only if he’s human in xo total feeling of the term, and he may be wholly human only if he’s playing”. Friedrich Schiller

The history tells us this in forty nine B.C. the famous early Roman commander Julius Caesar, having received great victories over barbarian galls, needed to seize supreme power in the Eternal City. Subsequently the frightened senators forbade him as well as the troops of his to go back to Italy.

Without any hesitations, the commander announced about the choice of his about the senate ban by stating “Alea jacta est” (“The die has been cast”) and also crossed the border river Rubicon. This led to lingering civil wars in Rome, which became probably the most major occasions in old history.

The words of the ferocious dictator started to be proverbial, nonetheless, today there’s rarely an individual that believes about the actual meaning of its. As it turned out, the Great Caesar really cast the dice. And so good was the passion of his to gambling, he profoundly thought in the secret power of the dice to foresee the future.

The public opinion rarely favors gamble & everything associated with it. Alternatively, in those times the term “player” was almost a swearword – very big was the contempt of the vast majority of individuals to people who gave the game its thanks.

But at exactly the same time early individuals recognized completely well that the desire for gambling couldn’t be eliminated.

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