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Use the Walls and Floors Tile calculator to calculate how many square meters of tile you need for your floor or wall. All tile product pages will have a Tile Calculator link. To allow for cutting, add 10% You won’t feel like you are missing out and end up ordering more. You don’t have to worry if you end up with unopened boxes. They can be returned to Walls or Floors. To avoid messy, unprofessional results, plan your tile rows carefully. Tile from the center line of a wall or floor. This ensures that no cut pieces end up on the walls and the rooms are equal in size. This will provide a professional and symmetrical finish.

Safety tile with anti-slip properties should be used in shower and bathtub areas. There are many anti-slip flooring options for walls and floors. You can choose from beautiful clay How to tile a bathroom to stunning, striking wood effect designs. This way, you won’t have to worry about your loved ones climbing into the bathtub or shower tray.

If you are fixing natural products, it is a good idea to separate your order into three piles: the Good, Bad, and the Ugly. Some tiles may have unsightly marks or notches due to the unpredictable nature of cork or natural stone. You should decide which tiles you think you like, which ones are acceptable (but not unacceptable), and which ones are just a little bit ugly (unusable). The best places to put the goods are the most visible ones, such as in the middle of your room. The bed should be placed towards the sides or around the sink and toilet. These pieces make great cut pieces. You can chip away at the unattractive parts if you feel the need. You can throw them out if you don’t feel like it.

Before you start, make sure your surfaces are suitable for tiling on. You must ensure that the floor or wall is stable and dry enough to support the weight of the tiles. Plastering may be necessary if your wall is not level. You may also consider using a screed or leveling compound if your floor is uneven.

It is essential to use water-resistant adhesive and grout when tiling areas where water will be present, such as the wall space near your shower. This will keep moisture from seeping underneath the tile’s surface. Walls and Floors offer BAL CTF4 tile adhesive, which is water-resistant and suitable for use on both floors and walls. BAL Superflex White Wide Joint Grout is compatible with both feet and walls. It can be used in grout joints with a width of 3mm to 20mm. Ardex WP1 Waterproof shower kit is recommended for tile work in a shower area. It includes an acrylic-based flexible coat, polyester tape, polyester mat, and acrylic primer.

You will eventually reach a basin or toilet when you tile a bathroom; instead of laying your cut pieces, tile up these obstacles with whole tiles. Place as many details as possible around the basin and toilet. Let them set before you start cutting. This will make it easier to form your cut pieces correctly.

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