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Astrology is more than just the pages of glossy magazines. There are many layers to be discovered beyond what you see in the glossy pages. It’s now easier to explore the stars at your own pace, using apps, websites, and meme accounts. Your birth chart is the first step in astrology. A birth chart is a map showing the earth’s solar system at the precise moment and place of your birth. The placement of each planet will influence different aspects of your identity or personality.

Astrologers could map their birth charts once upon a time only to those with the wealth and statues of pharaohs. Today, anyone can access birth chart calculators via the internet on sites like Cafe Astrology. The sun sign you most likely already know is the Naujienos one defined solely by your birthday. It governs your ego, true identity, and how you live life. Your moon sign controls your emotional self. Some say it influences how you feel when alone and with people you love. The “mask” is the ascendent (ASC). It determines how others perceive you in social situations. These three positions are believed to be the basis of a person’s identity.

These and all other places are ruled by one sign of the zodiac: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. Aquarius and Pisces. Each character has a unique set of traits associated with one of the four elements: fire, Leo, Sagittarius, earth, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, air (Gemini. Libra. Aquarius ), or water (Cancer. Scorpio. Pisces). These elements make up little families of signs with similar traits: fire signs are passionate and spontaneous, earth signs have a solid foundation, and air signs are curious and objective. Water signs are intuitive, emotional, and sensitive.

You may feel most connected to your sun sign, but you could be influenced by traits from multiple characters at different levels and aspects. You might not even be able to relate to your sun sign. We are all multifaceted and complex. None of us can fit neatly into any of the twelve boxes. Your uniqueness and multifaceted nature are reflected in your various positions.

It provides a clear and concise explanation of your placements. You can also add friends to see which aspects of your personality might cause tension. It will also warn you about how astrological movements (how and when planets pass through particular constellations) might affect your emotional state. Push notifications can be very close to your home, so you should not enable them.

The Pattern app offers an eerily accurate analysis of birth charts for those who want to dig deeper. The Pattern is not an astrology app and does not mention any placements or signs. The Pattern does not ask for your details about your birth to determine your personality and life path. This is astrology. But, this app might be where you can get your skeptical friend to join.

The Pattern, like Co — Star, allows you to add friends or check your compatibility. It shines, however, in its ability to analyze personality and behavior patterns. It’s a fantastic tool for self-improvement and self-discovery.

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