Wig authentic hairline identification method

How to identify human hair hair wigs authentic hair wig identification method

The method of burning can only be easily identified. The hair is mixed with chemical fiber, and some black-hearted traders have animal hairs such as horsetails, or some blended with hair that has been recovered from the barbershop and landed on the ground. Can not be identified by the method of burning

In order to let customers know more about the characteristics of hair quality, to purchase high-end Shunfa wigs, we have summarized the following method for identifying Shunfa:

Name explanation: The principle of Shunfa is that we have trimmed the hair whip. It must be undyed, not burnt hair. After removing the hair scales, it is called Shunfa.

Many people ask why it is better to keep the hair scales, because in order to fix the hair roots on the hair net during the crochet crocheting process, the hair is usually locked at the root of the hair net, and the hair after the discount, if there are hair scales It is very easy to tie knots. Not much nonsense.

Wig authentic hairline identification method

Perforation test

It can test whether the horniness of the hair surface, that is, the hair, is damaged.

1. What is the permeability? The transporosity of the hair refers to the ability of the stratum corneum to allow absorption and penetration of moisture and hair products. Everyone has a different hair penetration, and when the hair is permeable, the transparency increases. If the color is uneven under the sun’s rays, the flowers with a lot of impure colors can basically be judged to be ground.

2. What is the difference between permeable hair and non-permeable hair? The stratum corneum scales of non-permeable hair are flat and dry, and when exposed to light, they reflect light on average, making the hair look shiny, and the hair is not easily damaged when combed. The permeable hair, because the stratum corneum scales are open, the hair is not even, the light penetrates and can not reflect the light, and the hair looks lustre.

3, test method: lift a small number of small hair, tighten the hair tail, use your fingers along the hair shaft to slide down from the top to the hair root, if there is a rough feeling, it is permeable. It should be noted that different parts of the hair have different perforation, so it is necessary to test the perforation of different parts of the hair.

Elastic test

1. What is the elasticity of hair? It refers to the ability of the hair to be stretched and straightened and then returned to its original length. Healthy hair can generally be stretched to one-third of its original length. When wet, the elasticity of the hair increases. If the stratum corneum is damaged, the hair is permeable, thereby reducing the elasticity of the hair.

2, test method: first pick up a hair, use the index finger and thumb to hold the ends of the hair, then gently stretched to see how much hair can be stretched, and when the hair returns to its original length, the length has changed . Usually damaged, inelastic hair can not withstand pulling, easy to break

Cost accounting exclusion

Through the rising cost of the real hairline principle, plus management costs, operating costs, and inventory costs, the industry currently uses Shunfa to produce half-hand woven wigs, full-hand woven wigs, if factory direct sales, 30cm full hands Weaving wigs, the price is lower than 2000, from the cost accounting can basically rule out non-Shunfa products, usually online direct sales about 2500-3000 or so, in the mall’s specialty stores domestically is 25% of the point, if the mall price is about 3500- Around 4000.

Korean actress super practical hairstyle competition

The romantic Japanese hairstyle is very popular, so what about the Korean style with a strong lady? Let’s take a look at the hairstyles of Korean female stars, pretty short hair, fluffy hair, flowing hair, elegant hair… Which female star’s hairstyle is the most imitative value? Which hairstyle is the most deep in your heart? Come and enjoy it together!

The matte background and pink dress, plus a simple lady-flavored ball head, makes Song Hui Qiao beautiful and moving, full of spring breath

practical hairstyle

The ponytail hairstyle is simple but

Put a romantic curly long hair with your neck on your chest, so the ponytail hairstyle is simple, but it is also very fresh and elegant.

The long curly hair of Liu Hai’s black scorpion of three or seven points makes the former “national sister” Wen Genying exude a rich woman’s taste from inside and outside.

The most refreshing horsetail

The ponytail is the freshest, no matter how the time goes by, how the fashion changes, the ponytail hairstyle will be one of the most favored women’s hairstyles.

Korean actress super practical hairstyle competition

Natural straight hair, although lacking in style, is one of the most convenient and comfortable hairstyles.

Han Jiaren, the dream lover of countless men’s hearts, is about to come back, cutting the long hair style of Liu Hai’s slightly curled hair.

Han Caiying, who is known as “Sexy Barbie”, has always been a model of mature glamorous women, and fluffy long curly hair is also a hairstyle she has never given up since she debuted.

Although many people think that Jin Suzhen is still capable of showing her cool temperament, she occasionally ties her hair with exaggerated bows to make her cute, but it is also very beautiful~

Short straight hair makes Cai Lin, who is over 30 years old, refreshed and pretty, capable and energetic.

The hair style is very sexy, the hair tied up is very intellectual, and Jin Shanya’s long hair style has changed a lot.

Three major mistakes in scalp care

Don’t think that you don’t need to care for your scalp when you care for your hair, because the health of your scalp affects the health of our hair all the time. Therefore, the scalp is very important. What should we do when the scalp has dry itch and dandruff?

Myth #1: As long as a bottle of multi-function shampoo can solve all scalp problems.

In fact, different scalp problems can only be solved by selecting a variety of targeted professional care products. Different professional products are needed for different scalp problems, otherwise it will not only solve the problem, but even counterproductive. Since the scalp structure and the skin structure are exactly the same, all the problems that the skin will produce will occur quietly, such as oil, dandruff, hair loss, sensitivity, and aging.

Healthy hair

We know that when there are several problems at the same time, we will not only choose a single solution, but will choose a variety of targeted care products to remove the problem from the root cause. This should also be the case for scalp care. Only by selecting targeted professional care products and solving the problem source can we really restore the scalp to a healthy state.

Three major mistakes in scalp care

Myth 2: You can also choose scalp care products according to different symptoms. Why do you need professional diagnosis?

You can usually only see the appearance of the problem and cannot accurately determine the source of the problem.

Professional hair stylist through professional scalp diagnosis

Solving the scalp problem is like seeing a doctor for medical treatment. Only the right medicine can be used to get rid of the disease. In the case of dandruff alone, it may be caused by bacteria, and if the type of scalp is different, it will also produce oily dandruff and dry dandruff. In addition, if you find that the whole head has a small piece of dandruff immediately after shampooing, it may be caused by sensitive desquamation.

It can be seen that the scalp problem is very complicated. In the hair salon recommended by you in Paris, the professional hair stylist thoroughly diagnoses the cause through the professional scalp diagnostic equipment, accurately finds the cause, solves the problem, and fundamentally solves the scalp problem.

Myth 3: A scalp care can solve the scalp problem immediately.

In fact, like skin, scalp care should be a gradual, perpetual process.

Effectively acts on the scalp to solve deep problems

As a professional scalp care product, safety is the first element, and it must be effective on the scalp to solve deep problems. As a professional and safe scalp care product, Paris Cards not only gently acts on the surface of the scalp, but also improves the appearance of the problem. At the same time, its active ingredients can completely penetrate into the scalp, gradually solve the scalp problem, so that the scalp reveals healthy radiance from the inside.

Nowadays, many scalp care products that claim to be “one-time effective” are mostly at the expense of scalp health. The active ingredients are too irritating to the scalp, which not only can not effectively solve the fundamental problem, but deeply hurt the health of the scalp.

hair Perm and hair dye damage to the human body

Everyone in daily life will have a beautiful heart and need a good looking appearance. Hair is essential. It is also essential to talk about hair dyeing and hair dyeing. So today, let’s talk about the harm of perm to the human body, and avoid the hot dyeing and causing harm to the human body. Generally, the hot dyed hair spray that we go to the barber shop is alkaline and has an oxidizing effect. These ingredients will cause the loss of nutrients in our hair, destroying the protective film in the hair, but causing the hair to open. Fork, dull, and yellow, causing damage to the hair.

hair Perm

Some people get allergic to skin after hot dyeing. Skin allergies are also the most common adverse reactions caused by perming or dyeing. Some people may feel that there is no reaction after they have been dyed twice. They feel that their skin is not allergic to hot dyeing. In fact, it is not the case, often dyed hair or perm will trigger their sensitive source, so the chance of allergies will be greatly improved.

hair Perm and hair dye damage to the human body

Some people will have obvious signs of dislocation after perming. In fact, this is because of the adverse reactions of hair dyes and perm lotion. These things will cause our scalp hair follicles to shrink, and more serious scalp inflammation, so some people after perming Hair loss occurs, they are caused by them.

Hair dyes and perm lotions are all chemical substances, and they are also irritating. If you like to love beauty, you want to do a trendy hair style, and you don’t feel allergic to perm or hair dye. Wrong is wrong. Smell a lot of these flavors during perm or dyeing, and it will have great hidden dangers to our health.

Cut short hair what hairstyle looks good

How can black short hair stand out from the crowd? Hot stamping is a must. If you look a little charming, a delicate makeup with a slight curl is enough to make you feel like you are upside down, and retro earrings are also very fascinating.

Pure black short hair needs a high value to make a base. If you are not confident enough, you are advised to dye a color that can set off the skin color after cutting short hair. Brown is a good choice. Air bangs are the first choice for age reduction, and the hair is messy and has a lazy beauty.

The short hair of the ear, the design of the middle point is more suitable for the girl with good face shape, the thin air bangs looks very youthful, and the beautiful color also highlights the good skin color.

Gradient color dyeing is very difficult, and it is also very challenging. The blue-green gradient color is short hair, the airflow and the design are full of personality, so the hair style is best with exquisite facial features, otherwise it will only appear Old fashion.

Meng sister is very suitable for a short hair, Qi Liu Hai micro-rolls look cute and cute, the design of the hair buckle to the length of the neck is also very age-reducing, the face of the big sister can also be used to cover the face, very heart-loving hairstyle.

Cut short hair what hairstyle looks good

Last year, the water ripple perm was very popular, so this year’s short hair may also try the water ripples. The green hair dye design on the top of the hair is full of personality. The pink and yellow dyeing below is very skin-lined, and the water ripples look very refreshing.

The shoulder-length short hair hot roll is also very picky, but it is really good to look at. It is best to choose a color that suits you, with a delicate makeup, otherwise it is difficult to control the curly hair, then the whole head is hot. There is a retro feel.

Korean short hair, the middle of the bangs hot roll looks full of personality, boring valgus curly hair design cute with a little retro feeling.

The short hair of a knife is very neat, suitable for women in the workplace, the design of Liu Hai hot roll has a feminine taste, but also can better modify the face.

Handsome and short hair, a little neutral style, the neat knife on the corner of the corner is very neat, the design of the middle point is matched with the glasses of the far round frame, and the black ribbon has one more in the neck. Retro sense

What are the girls short hair styles

Girls’ short hair styles have always led the trend, and the refreshing, simple and fashionable girls’ short hair style has become the favorite of the girls. Many sister papers are often troubled by what hairstyles to cut. Today, 138 beauty talent network for you crushing 2015 girls handsome short hair style?

The short hair style of the arc shape has the effect of ultra-thin face visually, and the bangs design with broken and oblique points can also express the taste of warm and lovely little woman in summer.

What are the girls short hair styles

This kind of Japanese short hair, fluffy egg roll perm design, temperament and fan! Thick sense of Qi Liuhai match, floral top, fresh and more charming.

Ultra-short and short hair design, summer refreshing without losing the girl’s skill and handsome sense, an innocent look, also seems to sell a little cute, people look very like!

short hair styles

The chocolate brown hair color shows the sweet and beautiful feeling of the little girl, and it is more fashionable with the curly hair.

The black wave head is short and playful and fresh. The short bangs show their eyebrows, and the delicate face is set off, full of aura.

Girls’ short hair styles will let you see the talented and hearty side of girls in the new era. Like haircuts, hurry up and collect!