How to bring a wig to look good naturally

Guide: Many people choose wigs to stop the hair from being burnt and dyed. The variety of wigs can make the style change, and it is fashionable and bring a wig attractive. But how can the wigs be more natural and beautiful? Is it different?

Wigs can not only change the style and temperament at will, but also avoid the damage caused by hot dyeing, but do you know the correct way to wear wigs? Therefore, it is very important to wear styles in addition to the purchase of wigs.

How to bring a wig?

bring a wig

One of the most important tools for wearing a wig is the cooperation of the hair net. Generally, the hair net is given at the same time as the wig, so the trouble of buying the net is saved, and the combination of the wig and the hair net is more professional and suitable. defect.

How to bring a wig to look good naturally

Wig wearing step 01 “” “”” first straighten the hair straight, and then open the tubular hair net with the double head open, and the end with the rubber band facing down.

Wig wear step 02 “” “”” will open the net and then gently put it into the neck from the top of the head, and then slowly pull up to the bring a wig hairline, must wrap the hairline, can not be exposed!

The wig wears step 03″””” and then puts all the hair in the hair net, which can be fixed with a disposable rubber band or a small steel clip, and the hair tail is preferably fixed with a clip. After fixing, you can gently adjust the hair inside the hair net and evenly open it.

Wig wearing step 04 “” “”” after adjustment, both hands pick up the wig from the back to take it, you need to adjust the position of the wig, and the wig will basically have an adjustment buckle, use the adjustment buckle to clamp the hair net can Fixing the wig more evenly will not cause it to loosen at will, causing embarrassment.

After wearing the wig wearing step 05 “” “”, you must use your fingers to adjust the position of the wig hairline, do not easily reveal the bring a wig hairline. Then use the comb to simply take care of the wig, and you must gently comb it, otherwise it will be easy to tear.

The wig can be properly worn in five easy and simple steps, and it is not difficult to change the shape. However, there are also many crushes that say how to wear and have no model-like effect. In fact, you need to practice more skills to wear the wig to the most natural.

Cute hairstyle turned into a bean small stereo face

Having a model-like small face is the dream of every girl. Since it is difficult to complete on the principle of quality, relying on visual effects is also a good choice. For a cute little face hairstyle, let you immediately have a model-like face!

1, this sweet bob head, of course, can help the round face type of mm to enhance the cuteness, even if the sharp angle of the diamond does not have to worry, because the soft curly hair can greatly weaken your sharpness, let your gentle The offensive is impeccable.

Cute hairstyle turned into a bean small stereo face

Suitable for hair: medium or soft hair

Having a model-like small face is the dream of every girl. Since it is difficult to complete on the principle of quality, relying on visual effects is also a good choice. For a cute little face hairstyle, let you immediately have a model-like face!

2, the curls on both sides is very important, the length should be appropriate. It plays an important role in modifying the face. Whether it is a round face or a square face, it can be retouched. The back hair style does not require too much rules. It is about layering, airiness and texture.

Cute hairstyle

Having a model-like small face is the dream of every girl. Since it is difficult to complete on the principle of quality, relying on visual effects is also a good choice. For a cute little face hairstyle, let you immediately have a model-like face!

3, slightly complicated medium and long curly hair, so that the visual focus is on the hairstyle rather than the face. It is ideal for the length of the hair to reach the collarbone. The large waves with a distinct layering are especially suitable for women with gentle temperament. With a different transparency of brown, it is very suitable for this season’s wave.

Suitable for volume: medium or partial

Suitable for hair: medium or soft hair

Having a model-like small face is the dream of every girl. Since it is difficult to complete on the principle of quality, relying on visual effects is also a good choice. For a cute little face hairstyle, let you immediately have a model-like face!

4, the above hair is more heavy, the lower hair curls down, naturally with random. The soft texture is more likely to set off a variety of face shapes, with a transparent brown color, adding a lot of sunshine.

Suitable for hair volume: various hair volume

Suitable for hair: medium or soft hair

Having a model-like small face is the dream of every girl. Since it is difficult to complete on the principle of quality, relying on visual effects is also a good choice. For a cute little face hairstyle, let you immediately have a model-like face!

5, the big wave involution is a very good hairstyle to modify the face. Long hair can stretch a person’s face. If you don’t want your hair to look heavy, you should know how to use the wave level, from the wave to the big waves. It is impressive with orange.

Middle-aged wig uk

Middle-aged wig must be tried on several hair styles. The most youthful hair styles of middle-aged and old-aged wigs are short hair. Thick hair is a symbol of youth. People with middle-aged hair are sparse and have white hair that everyone will encounter. The problem, a fashion real person wig to solve two problems, this is a healthy beauty.

Buying Middle-aged wig that must be tried on Middle-aged wig

Buying Middle-aged wig must try several hair styles. The most youthful hair styles of Middle-aged wig are short hair. Thick hair is a symbol of young people. When people are middle-aged with thin hair and white hair, everyone will encounter it. The problem, a stylish human hair wig solves both kinds of troubles, which is a healthy beauty.

Middle-aged wig

Dyeing hair believes that everyone will not be unfamiliar, in order to cover up white hair, regular hair dyeing is harmful to the health of the body, hair is less in order to create the ideal hair style usually burns, looks more hair or perfect shape, but also hurts their hair Choose a stylish short-haired wig for middle-aged and old people to simply wear beautiful and beautiful.

Middle-aged wig uk

The Middle-aged wig are mainly short hair, all kinds of short hair are full of temperament, short straight hair is natural and fresh, micro-volume short hair is noble and elegant, short wave wave is playful and age-reducing, real person hair can also be made into personality color, dark brown, maroon, wine Red, purple, etc. are suitable for the color of middle-aged and old people, fashion and not publicity, generous and decent. Friends who like long hair can choose a partial wig or wig bangs. It must be noted that the hair quality matches the original hair, the length is quite the same, can be half tied or splayed, and it is natural and true in the back of the brain. It can cover white hair and increase Hair volume, icing on the cake.

There are a lot of hair wigs for middle-aged and old people. It is recommended that you try it yourself. Choose a real hair wig with good texture according to your face and temperament. Try to choose a local wig, mix it with your original hair, you can’t see it. Wigs are easy to look big, it is because the wig’s docs are not good enough, and some hair styles will look big, such as: too much hair or hair is too fluffy, or curly hair, etc., it is recommended that you try to choose less hair Wigs, look clean and neat, avoid top-heavy, can also be customized to Chutian Yingge professional wig shop, according to the head type custom-made good agreement, the overall effect will be better, control the density of the volume is not too heavy, adjust the hair style To achieve overall coordination, it looks natural.

Cosplay wig selection and care

In the face of the market’s dazzling array of wig products, the quality is uneven, and some wigs will be seen on the head as a “fake” hair. When everyone looks at your shape from the same perspective, the feeling is very embarrassing. Still learn to choose a top quality wig!

At present, the types of wigs on the market are classified into three types: chemical fiber, human hair, chemical fiber and real hair.

1, the common is chemical fiber, the price is cheap, the effect is relatively “fake”, unless you are a cosplay video gamer, or a catwalk catwalk model, real-life wearing this texture of the wig is not suitable for shopping.

2, the use of real people in the film and television drama, the price is more expensive.

3, chemical fiber and human hair mixed class is the most suitable for use in the life of the wig, can achieve the effect of false real, the price is more than 200 yuan.

First, consider the net of the wig

When choosing a wig, you must first look at the comfort and breathability of the net material. It is best to wear it and try to feel itchy and irritating. Then pull the elastic band inside the wig and don’t choose too loose. Because the wig is loose after wearing it for a while, but it can’t be too tight. If there are conditions, it is best to make it.

Second, fire, hair, identify hair is good or bad

Then look at the texture of the hair, the general quality of the wig, burning the hair with a fire will give an unpleasant smell, there is a way to open the hair dryer to the strong heat file, the entire air outlet on the wig 3~5 Seconds (the time should not be too long, so that the net material will be broken), if it is a real person, there will be no problem, if it is other materials, it will reveal the horse’s feet and give off an unpleasant smell.

Third, choose a wig that suits your skin tone.

Cosplay wig selection and care

The wig should be worn in harmony with the skin tone. In the case of hair, try to choose the color that is the same or close to your own hair color. When the hair volume is small or you have no hair, you should choose according to the skin color. For complexion, choose brown-yellow and light-brown wigs; black and brown-black wigs should be chosen for black skin; maroon and dark-brown wigs should be chosen for skin color yellow; wigs should be selected according to makeup color and light for participation in makeup evenings, such as Wine red, yellow, orange red, purple red, etc.

Teach you to clean and take care of the wig

The wig has been worn for a while and must be cleaned.

1. Before washing the wig, be sure to comb the hair smoothly. (From the tail, gradually comb up, otherwise it may damage the hair.

2. Turn the wig hat in turn, pour the appropriate amount of moisturizing shampoo into warm water (about 20 °C) and mix well. Soak the wig in water for 5 minutes, then gently clean and rinse with water.

3. Pour an appropriate amount of conditioner into the warm water and mix well. Soak the fake water for 10 minutes and rinse with water.

4. Gently tap the water drops with a towel, or gently shake the water drops to comb the hair naturally, and place it in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

5. After the hair is completely dried, the wig will be sorted out.

TIPS: Different wig materials have different precautions. Chemical fiber hair can’t be washed with hot water, can’t be set with hair dryer or other tools, don’t expose it to direct sunlight; real hair can be lightly shaped and can be used Hair to increase fluffy (medium long hair); chemical fiber and real hair mixed hair can be washed with shampoo instead of shampoo.

Teach you to correctly collect wigs

Many people wear wigs but don’t know how to collect them. They are put in the closet. After a long time, they become hairy. They are deformed in the bag for a long time. The price of buying a fake model is too expensive. What should I do? Here is a good way to teach you how long it can be done for a few bucks.

1, you can go to the place to sell sports goods to buy a smooth rubber ball, probably the size of your head is almost OK.

2, then find a plywood or wooden board, the two are glued together with 502 glue, when the wig is not worn, just go to the homemade “model” one set, which is convenient and simple.

3, if you still want to make your model more perfect, you can DIY hand-painted a cute facial features, what expressions can be, dress this homemade “model”, it will add a lot of fun


How to wear a cosplay wig

How to wear a cosplay wig

1. First, clean up the hair that you have wrapped, and fix it with a clip.

2. Bring the wigs (party wigs) from the order of the arrival, first use the forehead to hold the front end of the wig, then pull the wig back with both hands to cover all your hair.

3, finishing the broken hair. Check it and put the broken hair that is exposed outside.

4, comb the wig. Adjust the wigs back and forth, especially the ear position, and then comb it with a comb.

5, disrupt the hairstyle. Spray the hair gel and scratch your hair with your hands. It looks more natural.

Hair removal

Put your hair away and improve your head shape. Girls with short hair can jump directly to the next step:

1. Divide the hair into four zones, respectively, with a rubber band tied to the flat head of the head, and then fix the four bundles of hair against the scalp in a clockwise rotation with a small black clip, which can improve the originally flat head. The type becomes a convex type; (of course, there are many different ways of receiving hair, only this one is introduced here)

2, to hide the head of the small black clip in the hair, to avoid hooking to the hair net of the wig;

3, then spray a little shaping water to make a circle of hair around the hairline;

Products & Tools: Rubber Band, Small Black Clip

Daifa network

Wrap the real hair in the hair net to make the wig more head-shaped. Key points: Wear it from the front to the front, wear it in front and then pull it back slowly, so as to ensure that no broken hair remains below the hairline. Hold the two sleeves of the hair sleeves in both hands. When you start wearing them on the head, you should take a little bit forward. When you have worn the mirror, hold the head with both hands and move the sleeve back to the right position. until.

Sweet medium long hair hairstyle

Perfect interpretation of pure sweet beauty god fan, like the sweet MM must want to cut a sweet hair, it must be sweet, any hairdressing can make MM people heart, then today Oriental Women’s Network brings you several Sweet and long hair style, let you show the pure sweet beauty of the gods!

Fashion Aspect: Thick and tidy bangs with this pure mid-length hair style, out of pure temperament is still a little more cute, the micro-rolled hair on the sides of the cheek can play a good face-lift effect, making girls The face is visually smaller and better looking.
Sweet hair in the long hair style recommended perfect interpretation of pure sweet beauty god fan

Sweet medium

Fashion Aspect: The red-brown hair color of this long hair is also very clear to girls, and the broken bangs can help the mm to wear 100%, plus the entire hair style of the micro-roll design, it is even more It is a fashionable flavor, and then the hair on the left side is smashed to the back of the ear, and it is easy to show a small face.
Sweet hair in the long hair style recommended perfect interpretation of pure sweet beauty god fan

Fashion Aspect: This straight hair is full of long hair styles to show people a full-fledged pure goddess fan, and the straight hair of the model is made with a slight inner buckle at the end of the hair, which makes the shape more A bit of fashion sense adds a bit of freshness, and with a slightly tilted bangs match is even more perfect.
Sweet hair in the long hair style recommended perfect interpretation of pure sweet beauty god fan

Sweet medium long hair hairstyle

Fashion Aspect: Light brown hair dye can make this long hair more pure taste, with a neat eyebrow bangs, in the slight dew, but also highlights a pair of charming eyes, and then long hair The tail of the hair is designed with a scalding hot roll, which instantly makes the whole hairstyle fresh and has Han Faner.

Fashion Aspect: A beautiful long curly hair naturally scattered on the shoulders, emitting the youthful vitality and fashion sense of the girl after 90, using the hot roll design can make the hairstyle look more eye-catching, with a Korean style After the air bangs, it not only shows the fashion flavor but also reveals the smell of cute sister.

Fashion Aspect: Light brown hair dye makes this long curly hair give a glance, the large arc of the hot roll reveals the design sense, with the popular air bangs, it is beautiful.
After 90 girls fashion hair pictures are definitely more than just cute

Fashion Aspect: This curly hair style gives people the feeling of sweet words, brown hair dyeing, long hair with hot curls, delicate hair band embellishments, etc., make this hairstyle overflow with rich sweetness.
After 90 girls fashion hair pictures are definitely more than just cute

Fashion Aspect: The large wave-shaped long curly hair is more suitable for the 90 girls who are on the mature route. The design of the middle point and the curls on both sides show the interpretation of the fashion of 90 girls.
After 90 girls fashion hair pictures are definitely more than just cute

Fashion Aspect: The long curly hair that is both sweet and ladyy is also the hairstyle that girls like after 90. The hairy tail of the hot roll is beautifully scattered on the shoulder, which shows the charming atmosphere. The side distribution design reveals a sweet little face.

Pear flower head wig hairstyle

Should you have a short hair with a shoulder and a hot pear head? Of course, the short hair length of the shoulder is the best hair length for the short hairpin head. Today, Xiaobian brings 5 ​​new pear head wig hairstyles. The short shoulder hairs can be used for reference. Exquisite pear head hair style, let the girls with short shoulders have the most fashionable sweet pear hair type.

The face of the goose egg face looks a bit sleek, so comb the shoulder-pinned pear flower hair style. On the basis of the shoulder-length air bangs short straight hair, only the hair tail is ironed into the inner buckle curl, so that it is inward at the chin position. Curly, this year’s popular simple pear hair short hair, played down the roundness of the goose egg face girl, looks good and temperament.

wig hairstyle

Pear flower head wig hairstyle

And the long-faced girl who combed the shoulders, combing this short hair of the sacred bangs in this year, the layered hair curls inside the ear, scattered from the bottom of the ear on the shoulder, surrounded by a long face, sweet and pink The visual sense of the face comes out, and the sweetness is more elegant and lightly feminine.

The face of the girl with the face of the pear is not the bangs. This shoulder wig has no short hair with a bangs and a short hair. Perfectly combined with the sweet and stylish pear head, it is full of youthful beauty and beauty.

This oblique bangs over-shoulder straight hair with a short wig in the head of the pear head, the lines are beautiful and smooth, reflecting the sweetness of the pear head, while exuding the straight hair and moving beautiful, the long and narrow bangs will completely cover the high forehead, the face is shaped A sweet little face, a stylish and fresh beauty.

The slanting bangs shoulders the Pear Head wig, which makes the goose egg face girl a beautiful and beautiful girl. The simple and smart pear head hair is one of the popular pear flower hair styles this year. The girls with shoulders can try to kneel down. Especially young girls.

What is the wig hairstyle for the apple face

What wig hairstyle is the apple face suitable for? Apple face girls who want a concave shape, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time managing hair, you can simply wear a wig, and a beautiful fashion wig lets you have the most fashionable hairstyle in minutes. In 2017, the latest 2016 Apple Face Girl Hairstyle wig product has come out, and I will get started with it.

Apple face girl oblique bangs straight hair inside roll pear head wig hairstyle


The cute and lovely apple face girls are very suitable for wearing sweet wigs, such as this apple face girl with Sassoon hairdressing technology, bangs straight hair, curly pear head wig hairstyle, Apple face girls wearing, immediately after the tide Full of fan, the degree of beauty has risen.

What is the wig hairstyle for the apple face

This sleek, bangs wavy long hair wig is perfect for apple face girls, fluffy and beautiful curls and thin bangs to create a heart-shaped face for girls, wearing an apple after this wig The face girl is so temperamental, so beautiful.

Apple face girls with less hair, when the ponytail is high, the ponytails that are pulled out by their own hair are not shaped at all. At this time, a wig that is as long as the hair is added to the ponytail and filled. The ponytail after the wig is very smart and stylish.

In 2017, the girls’ wigs are not only distributed, but also styling. If the apple face girls are bored with the scatter, then wear a wig with a slanting bangs and a ponytail. The slanting bangs and ponytail wigs of the Sassoon texture are girls. Bring sweet and smart fashion charm.

Apple face girls who want to try short hair style, after putting their long hair together, put on this stylish and lovely air bangs short perm wig, fluffy sweet short hair scattered on both sides of the face, it seems that the apple face is so sweet and sweet The hair on the top of the head is tied with a small ponytail, and the girl is more delicate and beautiful.

Four or six-point straight hair style

What kind of hairstyle is suitable for non-mainstream girls? Non-mainstream girls are not understood by the elders. In order to show the prostitute’s side, they don’t dare to change much in hair style, but how can they show their personality? A wig is a good choice. What kind of wig is the non-mainstream beauty suitable for? The following five are very worthy of your possession.

hair style

Non-mainstream hair style experience in hair dyeing, a single low-key hair color is generally not able to meet the requirements of non-mainstream girls, this linen color hair is a relatively low-key lady, can be combined with green wigs in the hair, this Simple and beautiful, very personal.

Jellyfish hair style is the favorite of non-mainstream girls. This jellyfish style is not particularly obvious. The flush bangs are slightly irregular. The hair on both sides of the chin only draws the delicate face of the melon seeds. The hair on both sides is highlighted by red, which is very visually impactful.

Four or six-point straight hair style

This long hair pear head designed by Liu Hai is a long hair style with a ladylike style. The straight hair of Liu Hai is cute and cute. The gradient from light purple to purple is also the most popular this year. The hair is made of light wave perm. Handling, very long hair style with Princess Fan.

I believe that many non-mainstream girls like this hairstyle very much. The perm design of the bangs has an outwardly flipping arc. The long hair hairs hanging on both sides are treated with spiral perm, and the hair color is bright red in the bangs hair tip position. Just like a peach tip makes your eyes shine.

Non-mainstream girls want to show their natural personality very well. Hair dyeing is an important way to show their ostentation. The upper part of this non-mainstream hair style uses green and gray hair dye, and the purple color is dyed on the lower layer. With sunglasses, it has a sexy red lip makeup.